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  • Tae AND Lou
    Tae AND Lou   1 weeks back

    We want to take the time to out to mention how truly grateful we are for the constant support of the thang thang gang. Y'all really came through and helped us reach 1 milli with overwhelming support and positive vibes. We can't believe it still... so THANK YOU... THANK YOU. This is every much your win as it is ours. To the ones that joined us yesterday, to the ones that has been here since Tae had green hair, WE LOVE YOU!

    Check out the giveaway inside.

    • Iasha Hardesty
      Iasha Hardesty  1 days back

      Y'all are drop dead gorgeous!!

    • Life with Duke & Duchess
      Life with Duke & Duchess  3 days back

      Tae AND Lou I am so happy for you guys!!! 😘🥰

    • Kiesha Mitchell
      Kiesha Mitchell  3 days back

      Tae AND Lou I would love to join y’all in a challenge

    • Sandy Reed
      Sandy Reed  3 days back

      You two are so beautiful inside and out! Also, the love you two have for each other is rare and very special!

    • Destine’e Baldwin
      Destine’e Baldwin  4 days back

      I literally watch ya videos EVERYDAY ‼️‼️ Congratulations on the views 🥳🍾🥳🍾🥳

  • Chantel Jones
    Chantel Jones  4 hours back

    Tae what are you mixed with? I've always wondered this.

    • Monique Clark
      Monique Clark  5 hours back

      I’m libra ♎️ and I do the cooking. Something with pasta and lol black market pills. Lol

      • A. Kole’s World
        A. Kole’s World  5 hours back

        Chef: Lou
        Editor: Tae
        Fav Video: How We Met ❤️

        • LaTisha Parsee
          LaTisha Parsee  7 hours back


          • Kayla My-Linh Tran
            Kayla My-Linh Tran  7 hours back

            Shared Sign: Libras
            Chef: Lou
            Editor: Tae
            Lou’s Daughter: Lanai “Nai”
            Fav Video: How to Make a Seafood Boil

            One day I’m gonna make it!!!

            • LaTisha Parsee
              LaTisha Parsee  7 hours back

              Her butter sauce

              • Djenane Blaise Anderson

                Damn lou have a sexy ass voice

                • MIchelle Sirles
                  MIchelle Sirles  7 hours back

                  Omg you both are so amazing and I enjoy watching your videos. You both share such a great love, it's inspiring!
                  4.The butter sauce video

                  • Bri Jones
                    Bri Jones  9 hours back

                    Lou is chef
                    Tae edits
                    Lanai aka Nai
                    Can’t wipe your mouth challenge

                    • great food
                      great food  9 hours back

                      Anyone see that Lou gets put to one side!!!!

                      • great food
                        great food  9 hours back


                        • great food
                          great food  9 hours back

                          Lou was telling you and everyone something and you interrupted her!!!! Watch again and you will see

                          • tessea lonnie
                            tessea lonnie  10 hours back

                            Zodiac sign: Libra’s
                            Chef: Lou
                            Editor: tae
                            Lous daughter: lanai
                            Favorite video: Hotel tub Mukbang

                            • Kia Martin
                              Kia Martin  10 hours back

                              Tae IS FINE AS FUCK!!!! 🤤🤤🤤

                              • Niesha Simon
                                Niesha Simon  11 hours back

                                Sign:Libra gang :Chef: Lou. Editor:Tae Lou daughter-name: Lanay. Favorite video/ Pranking Lou and tae went and bought her a phone

                                • Shaina Nicole
                                  Shaina Nicole  12 hours back

                                  Sign : libra

                                  Chef : Lou

                                  Editor : Tae

                                  Lou's Daughter : Nai ( Lanai )

                                  Favorite Video : Tae's Birthday Video . I legit DIED when she found out she ate Sea Urchin .

                                  • Nicky Joseph
                                    Nicky Joseph  12 hours back

                                    New Youtuber & would love to get your support

                                    • Kaitlin David
                                      Kaitlin David  13 hours back

                                      Sign: Libra
                                      Chef: Lou
                                      Editor: Tae
                                      Lous Daughter: Lanai
                                      Favorite video: The first time you tried nacho cheese with your Mukbang!

                                      • Takeasha Sisk
                                        Takeasha Sisk  13 hours back

                                        Sign- libra ♎
                                        Chef- Lou 👩🏾‍🍳
                                        Editor- Tae 🎬
                                        Lou's daughter- Nai 💞
                                        Favorite video- seafood boil with the beautiful Nai 💞

                                        • wwinny669
                                          wwinny669  13 hours back

                                          I am a new subscriber and I think you guys are so cute together. I sat here and watched 2 hours of your videos, old and new. Loving Tae's hair.That color is beautiful. Thinking about going lighter in the Summer. Answers to the questions:
                                          Signs: Libra
                                          Lou's daughter: 10 year old 5'1 inch Lanai aka "Nai"
                                          Fav Video: Blind Franken-Chicken Nuggets Mukbang

                                          • Mia’s Tv
                                            Mia’s Tv  13 hours back

                                            I really don’t get why y’all wear lip stick knowing it’s gonna mess up while your eating . & especially sea food😭. put on carmex or sum .

                                            • saysay0596sc
                                              saysay0596sc  14 hours back

                                              Editor- tae
                                              Lous daughter- Lanai 'Nai'
                                              Favorite video seafood boil with Nai

                                              • Hope Green
                                                Hope Green  14 hours back

                                                I didn’t realize Lou was that tall 😂

                                                • Honey Renee
                                                  Honey Renee  14 hours back

                                                  Tae been looking like a snack these days... I'm loving the blonde on her and Lou looks gorgeous as always😍❣️✨

                                                  • Patricia Latham
                                                    Patricia Latham  14 hours back

                                                    I never saw her in a dress

                                                    • Kacey Gray
                                                      Kacey Gray  14 hours back

                                                      Hot pot w the spin wheel of the different foods

                                                      • Bridges Charity-Becoat
                                                        Bridges Charity-Becoat  15 hours back

                                                        Tae laughing but wouldn’t stop trying to eat that green mussel.😂

                                                        • Samira Alizaidan
                                                          Samira Alizaidan  15 hours back

                                                          Tae so sexy

                                                          • Aiyona Little Thunder
                                                            Aiyona Little Thunder  15 hours back

                                                            Damn tae is thickkkk😍😍

                                                            • jennifer poper
                                                              jennifer poper  16 hours back

                                                              Loving Taes new look! Gorgeous! Lou of course looks HOT no matter what she wears. Yall are couple goals!

                                                              • epic strucid
                                                                epic strucid  16 hours back

                                                                1 shared sign: lebra
                                                                2 chef:Lou
                                                                3 editor:tae
                                                                4 Lou's Daughter : Lanai Nai
                                                                5 Tae king crab mukbang when she talks about the men with the ar

                                                                • cannabiz Eats
                                                                  cannabiz Eats  16 hours back

                                                                  Omg congratulations 1 mill subscribers and on my Birthday tooo love yalllll

                                                                  • jennifer poper
                                                                    jennifer poper  16 hours back

                                                                    1M?!!! Jeez I've been following since yall had like 15k 🤣💕 love yall!!!!!

                                                                    • Jane G
                                                                      Jane G  17 hours back

                                                                      CONGRATULATION!!!MUCH DESERVED😁

                                                                      • Dakota Rae
                                                                        Dakota Rae  17 hours back

                                                                        waiting on y’all to announce the winners causeeeeee I love y’all

                                                                        • Julia Rodriguez
                                                                          Julia Rodriguez  17 hours back

                                                                          Lou's salmon cakes...she said it was her grandmother recipe and she would never share. 🤗😋

                                                                          Plus its Tae's favorite 😏🙄

                                                                          • Alize I Johnson
                                                                            Alize I Johnson  18 hours back

                                                                            2. Lou
                                                                            3. Tae
                                                                            4. Lanai (nai)
                                                                            5. The videos with lous daughter ☺️

                                                                            • Zelda Harris
                                                                              Zelda Harris  19 hours back

                                                                              Congratulations Tae & Lou

                                                                              • Georeida Maheia
                                                                                Georeida Maheia  20 hours back

                                                                                Hot pot videos

                                                                                • Jasmine Teague
                                                                                  Jasmine Teague  21 hours back

                                                                                  Tae good Lord you are gorgeous. If I was bolder I would give Lou a run for her money.

                                                                                  • TheReal Mrs
                                                                                    TheReal Mrs  22 hours back

                                                                                    The Astrology you share is Libra ♎️
                                                                                    Chef babygirl Lou
                                                                                    Editor is Tae
                                                                                    Lou’s daughter is NAI
                                                                                    My favorite video 😩. It has to be the one I first can across & found y’all
                                                                                    KING CRAB SMACKALICIOUS SAUCE SEAFOOD BOIL MUKBANG (BLOVESLIFE) + HAUNTED APARTMENT STORY!.

                                                                                    • Louis Cheneau
                                                                                      Louis Cheneau  22 hours back

                                                                                      Sign-libra chef- Lou
                                                                                      Editor- tae and Lou's s daughter Nai my favorite video was any thing you eat hot pot I'm girl it's just my account is in my dad's name

                                                                                      • Clara Debnam
                                                                                        Clara Debnam  22 hours back

                                                                                        Favorite: any video where Lou is asking for a kiss..its like she need kisses to survive! Oh and any video where Lou wants a bite of Tae or Lanai's food.

                                                                                        • Tazi Stuckey
                                                                                          Tazi Stuckey  24 hours back

                                                                                          zodiac signs: libras ♎️
                                                                                          chef: lou
                                                                                          lou’s daughter: lanai 👩‍👧
                                                                                          fav video: stalker storytime & hot pot 😭

                                                                                          • Brittany Tucker
                                                                                            Brittany Tucker  1 days back

                                                                                            shared sign ;Libra
                                                                                            Cook ; Lou ❤️
                                                                                            Editor : Tae ❤️
                                                                                            Lou’s daughter is Lanai
                                                                                            my favorite videos are ANY HOTPOT VIDEO 🔥🔥😍

                                                                                            • Leah Davies
                                                                                              Leah Davies  1 days back

                                                                                              4.Lanai (Nai)
                                                                                              5.Spicy Hot Pot Mukbang With Grill 💘

                                                                                              • Shayla Smith
                                                                                                Shayla Smith  1 days back

                                                                                                I loveeee the new style thooooo my loves